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Edwin also known as “E”, was born and raised in Los Angeles but would travel every summer to his motherland, El Salvador. At an early age Edwin had a passion for music and gained an appreciation for all kinds of music genres. He would listen and dance to Spanish music at family gatherings, his older brother would play Hip-Hop on his “Ghetto Blaster”, and at night Edwin would listen to the radio until he would fall asleep. Edwin’s music appreciation went so far, that along with his sister he once made a homemade musical to the movie “Grease”, filmed by their dad, which Edwin says he’s very glad the tape got lost.

Edwin’s interest in radio led him on the communications path and majored in Broadcasting Communications. In 2008 after interning for 6 months he secured a position with a major radio station in Los Angeles. Besides being on-air and taking over the air waves, he also has a passion for acting. He’s worked along with Marc Anthony, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jordana Brewster to name a few. On his free time Edwin enjoys working out, watching sports, loves social media and loves to eat and is always open to try new food.

“Words can’t even describe how excited I am to be in Palm Springs and get to spend time with you and the U92.7 family”